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Why La Promenade Dubai

Experience the ultimate outdoor adventure with Electric Fat Bikes. Explore the Dubai desert like never before and enjoy the freedom of riding in stunning landscapes.

Choose your Perfect tour

Let’s ride the Dubai’s desert and enjoy the wild life during 2 to 3 hours.

Desert Guided Tours

Desert Dunes Bashing

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Corporate Activity

Tired of boring corporate events?
Experience our Corporate Activities to foster collaboration, boost morale… and share a fun and exciting moment! Team bonding is all about fun but even more about strengthening interpersonal relationships to improve communication, performance, and productivity.

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Get your Electric Fat Bike

Get the flexibility to ride our Electric Fat Bikes wherever you want. Check our Rentals and Sales offers for your leisurely rides.

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Quentin Cresson

This is a testimony to express my utmost satisfaction with the Fat Tyre Electric Bicycle I purchased from “La Promenade.” I initially came across this bicycle during a company event organized by Noel, and it was an absolute no-brainer after testing it on a sand dune.

Not only is this bicycle incredibly comfortable to ride, but its robust design ensures durability and reliability. Additionally, the after-service provided by “La Promenade” has been nothing short of excellent. I am truly grateful to Noel for recommending this fantastic bicycle and couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

Thank you, Noel, for your valuable suggestion and exceptional service. I highly recommend “La Promenade” to anyone in search of quality bicycles or great sand dune experience

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